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Sunseaz Technologies is a Web & Mobile Development, IT Consultation, Software Applications Development Outsourcing Company based out of India. We believe in our passion for work. We are driven by the success of our clients. Our Creative collective of designers working diligently with unique designs and models. From corporate giants to customer brands to enterprise in area of Technology, Retail, Banking & Finance, Ecommerce, Hospitality and Tours & Travels etc. We provide sizzle persona required to take brand image to the next height. We develop innovative transformational applications.

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Software Development

Sunseaz Technologies PVT ltd is well aware of the software development and we provide better Software Development Services. Our team is a good expert in Coding, Decoding, Programming, testing

We offer Service to Major companies such as Technology Corporations, Healthcare, and Financial Institutions & Entertainment Media House. We have well expert staffs that are well aware of the best technological solutions in the software application. We used an inventive modern platform to build software development platforms & go after advance technology to sustain software application.

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Digital information is a type of information stored using a series of ones and zeros, according to TechTerms.com. It is the most commonly used method of storing and reading data, as it can be copied, edited and moved without losing any quality.

Computers are digital machines, as they can read information as on or off (i.e., 1 or 0), according to TechTerms.com. This computation method is known as the binary system, and it is capable of representing huge amounts of data. CDs and DVDs, which are entirely composed of ones and zeros, are used to store and play back high-quality audio and video.

Data Technology

Data technology (may be shortened to DataTech or DT) is the technology connected to areas such as martech or adtech. Data technology sector includes solutions for data management, and products or services that are based on data generated by both human and machines.

Data technology has been used to manage big data sets, build solutions for data management[5] and integrate data from various sources to discover new business or analytical insights from collected information


With years of experience in modernization, we ensure better alignment of your application and IT infrastructure landscape to your business needs for improved agility.

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Work Flow

01. User Research

02. Research & Development

03. Quality Analysis

04. Deliverables

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Do you have an idea for a business, a plan for growing your company to the next level, are you looking for people who can help you realize your goals? Sunseaz Technologies is a team of experienced people who will support you with their experience and will professionally lead you through the next stage in realizing your plans.


Involves in setting up the goals & using resources to achieve such goals

Budget Friendly

Cost-effective & Reliable IT solutions that works perfectly


Approach to build relationships with positive results


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Our Promise

With the utmost respect to human values we promise to serve our customers with integrity. We furthermore commit to providing innovative high-value solutions and giving our best each and every day for our clients.

Human Values

With the utmost respect to human values, we promise to serve our customers with integrity, through innovative, value for money solutions, by giving our best every day for our clients.

We Respect the Unique Needs of Customers & Employees

We are sensitive to their differing needs in our interactions with them.


We deliver what we commit. With honesty, fairness, reliability, and uprightness in whatever we do.

Innovative Solutions

We consistently offer superior solutions to satisfy the needs of the customer.

Value for Money

Delivering higher value to the customer through continuous improvement in quality cost and speeds

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